A Drone Delivery Program In North Coarolina Was Launched By Walmart

The flytrex drones will deliver groceries and other essentials in Fayetteville, Nc.

A Drone Delivery Program In North Coarolina Was Launched By Walmart - Ravzgadget
A Drone Delivery Program In North Coarolina Was Launched By Walmart / Photo credit: Engadget
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After receiving final FAA approval for drone deliveries, Amazon already has a rival. Walmart announced that it will start a pilot program with drone company Flytrex to deliver groceries and other household essentials from its stores in Fayetteville, Nc. Flytrex had previously received FAA approval for food deliveries in North Carolina.

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Pilot program will mostly be used to gather information for the future service, Fayetteville skies won’t be filled with drones just yet. Walmart senior Vp Tom Ward said, ‘’The drones, which are controlled over the cloud using smart and easy control dashboard, will help gain valuable insight into the customers and associate experience- from picking and packing to takeoff and delivery’’.

It is said that the Flytrex drones by Walmrt can carry 6.6 pounds at the height of 380 feet for a distance of 3.5 miles and back at up to 32 mph.to lower fastened delivery boxes from eighty feet they use a wire release mechanism, ensuring ‘’ a quiet and secure delivery’’, wrote by Flytrex on its website.Walmart’s drones will fly under FAA’S part 107 rules that require the drone to remain in line sight and use a remote pilot.

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The FAA has already issued more advanced part 135 air carrier certificates to Amazon and Google’s Wing Aviation, which allow the drone deliveries beyond visual approval for a parachute safety system that could pave a way for permission to fly over populated areas.

By Sheron Khoza

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